Array Scanning and Analysis Services

No Scanner? No Problem!

Don't have access to a compatible laser scanner? RayBiotech now offers FREE scanning service for all RayBio glass slide antibody arrays.

For a limited time, RayBiotech will also perform free data extraction for G-Series (semi-quantitative arrays), Quantibody (quantitative arrays), and L-Series (label-based arrays). You will receive a spreadsheet of the complete raw numerical data extracted from the scanned slide, including fluorescent intensities, local background correction, and scanner specifications.

Array Scanning & Data Extraction Service Form

To perform complete analysis of the raw data after extraction, you may download the analysis tool for your array, which will perform normalization, calculate signal ratios or standard curves, and includes graphical output. Analysis tools can be downloaded from the array product pages.

Array Scanning & Analysis Service Form

RayBiotech also offers biostatistics and bioinformatics services for in-depth array analysis.

1) How do I prepare my slides for shipment?

Ensure the slide(s) is washed sufficiently with Wash Buffer I and II and then completely dried as described in the protocol. If the slide(s) has any remaining debris, gently spray with distilled or de-ionized water prior to drying and then insert into the polypropylene 30ml conical centrifuge tube (or the Slide Washer/Dryer tube) provided with the kit. Refrain from touching the slide surface, holding the slide by the edges only. Securely fasten the cap and wrap the entire tube with aluminum foil to protect it from light. The centrifuge tube can be stored at room temperature or 4°C before shipment.

Note: The fluorescent dye used is fairly resistant to photo-bleaching but it is still recommended that the slides are handled with care and kept away from direct exposure to heat or light.

Note: Permanent marker ink can significantly interfere with fluorescent signal detection. We recommend marking only the back side of your slides with a green or blue ultra-fine point Sharpie® brand marker. Please see your product manual for detailed instructions.

2) What paperwork should I include with the shipment?

Please complete and submit the Array Scanning and Analysis Form (including payment information) with the shipment. Please also email our service department at [email protected] with your courier tracking number once shipped so we can monitor the incoming delivery.

3) What services are available?

  1. Scanning Service: The slide(s) is scanned and the .TIFF image file is sent to the customer via email or drop-box (if necessary).*
  2. Scanning and Data Extraction Service: The slide(s) is scanned, data extraction is performed, and the raw OD data is sent back via email. (Excel file).
  3. Scanning and Analysis Service: The slide(s) is scanned, data extraction is performed, and the data is analyzed by the appropriate RayBio® Analysis Tool (Excel file). This file is then sent back via email along with a copy of the image (PowerPoint file)*.

*Only low resolution images are available for Quantibody arrays.

4) How long does each service take to complete?

  1. Scanning Service: 5-10 business days* from receipt of slide(s) and completed Service Form.
  2. Scanning and Data Extraction Service: 5-10 business days* from receipt of slide(s) and completed Service Form.
  3. Scanning and Analysis Service: 5-10 business days* from receipt of slide(s) and completed Service Form.

*Only an approximation and may vary based on number of slides and current service order volumes. Please contact us if you need a current estimation or a status update of any ongoing service.

5) When should I ship my slides?

It is strongly recommended that slides are shipped between Monday and Wednesday in case there is a delay in shipping to ensure they are received during normal operating business days. Please contact us for questions about holiday business hours.

6) Where do I ship my slides?

Please send your slide(s) priority overnight and on blue ice packs (4ºC) to:

Raybiotech Inc.
Attn: Service Department
3607 Parkway Lane, Suite 100
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

If you have any other questions or need further assistance please Contact Us via phone, fax, or email.