Flow Cytometry

Illuminate your research with RayBright® Technology

RayBiotech is a leading pioneer in the proteomics field and is proud to now offer our flow cytometry antibodies, RayBright dyes, and flow cytometry dye labeling and testing services to all RayBiotech customers. Our RayBright dyes have excellent brightness and cover most of the common emission colors of similar dyes. To best indicate the emission maximum, we’ve given each RayBright dye a number to indicate this value.

Want to test out our dyes for free? With RayBiotech’s flow cytometry antibody sample program, you can request a 5 ug vial of any of our RayBright and other dye-conjugated antibodies. Love the RayBright dyes already? Get a free vial of any fluorescent viability dye we offer with a 100 ug antibody purchase! Find out if we can RayBrighten up your FACS research!

RayBiotech Superior Fluorochromes Exitation Laser Max Exitation/Emission Replacing dyes of equivalent wavelengths
RayBright® UV 450 UV 355 347/448 nm Alexa Fluor 350
RayBright® Violet 450 Violet 407 403/454 nm Pacific Blue, Alexa Fluor 450
RayBright® Violet 500 405/537 nm Alexa Fluor 430, BV510
RayBright® Violet 600 407/600 nm BD Brilliant Violet 605
RayBright® Violet 655 407/655 nm BD Brilliant Violet 655
RayBright® Blue 488 Blue 488 491/518 nm Alexa Fluor 488, FITC, BD BB515
RayBright® Blue/Green 575 Blue 488/Green 561 505/570, 553/570 nm R-PE, Cy3
RayBright® Green 594 Green 561 594/614 nm PE-Texas Red, PE-CF594, PE-eFluor610
RayBright® Blue/Green 647 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/664, 565/664 nm PE-Cy5
RayBright® Blue/Green 780 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa Fluor 750
RayBright® Red 647 Red 640 649/664 nm APC, Alexa Fluor 647, Cy5
RayBright® Red 700 685/710 nm Alexa Fluor 700, APC-R700
RayBright® Red 780 629/780 nm Alexa Fluor 750, APC-eFluor 780
Traditional dyes Exitation Laser Max Exitation/Emission
PerCP Blue 488 482/667 nm
R-PE Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm
APC Red 640 651/662 nm

Flow Cytometry Service

RayBiotech is proud to launch our Flow Cytometry Full Testing Service here at our new core facility! Fluorescence-activated Cellular Staining is an ever expanding focus in the Biological Sciences. RayBiotech can now perform full testing analysis on your samples to evaluate cellular and singling phenotypes, cell growth changes, cytokine production, cellular division, and even intracellular signaling events. Together with our newly launched fluorophors for Flow cytometry, we hope to become your new home base for Flow based antibodies, products, and services.

Current Promotions

Expires Code Description Notes
Indefinite Sample Request Form Free 5 ug RayBright samples available North America only; Cannot be combined with other offers; One-time use; Cannot use online
Indefinite KitFreebie Buy any function kit, get one free vial of 100 ug size flow cytometry antibody or a 500 tests size of live/dead marker North America only; Cannot be combined with other offers; One-time use; Cannot use online
Indefinite FACS25 25% off Flow Cytometry reagents and Services (including FcR Block, compensation beads, etc.) North America only; Cannot be combined with other offers; One-time use; Cannot use online