Phosphorylation Assays

Whether you need quantitative protein phosphorylation data or qualitative assessment of phosphorylation state, you will find a sensitive and convenient cell-based or in vitro phosphorylation assay in our collection.

Choose an ELISA format for high-throughput quantitative analysis of a single target—see all Phosphorylation ELISAs.

For efficient, simultaneous analysis of multiple targets, choose an array format. Phosphorylation arrays are available in both membrane formats for familiar western blotting workflows and glass formats to conserve precious samples—see all Phosphorylation Arrays.


  • No special instruments required
  • ELISA assays use familiar workflows
  • Membrane-based arrays use familiar western blotting instruments and workflows
  • Glass-based arrays use simple workflows and can be scanned for free at RayBiotech


  • Enjoy high sensitivity assays that deliver high-quality results
  • Start immediately with a complete kit including all necessary reagents