Mix & Match High-Density Quantibody Arrays

RayBiotech now offers a Mix & Match program which allows you to quickly design your own customized Quantibody array. Simply choose any of our pre-built, 40-plex Quantibody panels (see the menu below), and we will combine them into a high-density, multi-array kit. You may select up to 16 panels in any combination to customize your experiment.

Your Mix & Match Quantibody array kit will contain buffers, standards, detection antibodies, and slides spotted in quadruplicate with validated capture antibodies. The array slides utilize a fluorescent reporter system and are eligible for RayBiotech’s free scanning service.

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Mix & Match Pricing*

Number of
40-Plex Panels (Number of Targets)
Sample Kit
Sample Kit
Sample Kit
2 Panels (80 Targets)$2,981.00$5,306.00$9,444.00
3 Panels (120 Targets)$4,467.00$7,862.00$13,837.00
4 Panels (160 Targets)$5,712.00$9,940.00$17,295.00
5 Panels (200 Targets)$7,047.00$12,121.00$20,848.00
6 Panels (240 Targets)$8,365.00$14,220.00$24,174.00
7 Panels (280 Targets)$9,603.00$16,324.00$27,425.00
8 Panels (320 Targets)$10,761.00$18,295.00$30,369.00
9 Panels (360 Targets)$11,920.00$20,264.00$33,639.00
10 Panels (400 Targets)$13,079.00$22,235.00$36,909.00
11 Panels (440 Targets)$14,238.00$24,205.00$40,179.00
12 Panels (480 Targets)$15,288.00$25,990.00$43,142.00
13 Panels (520 Targets)$16,338.00$27,775.00$46,105.00
14 Panels (560 Targets)$17,388.00$29,560.00$49,068.00
15 Panels (600 Targets)$18,438.00$31,345.00$52,031.00
16 Panels (640 Targets)$19,488.00$33,130.00$54,994.00

*Pricing for US and Canada Customers. For other countries, please contact your local distributor.

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