Monkeypox Virus Research Products


There is currently a multi-country outbreak of monkeypox in several regions of the world, the full extent and impact of which remains unclear. While usually endemic to the areas of central and west Africa, the virus has recently spread to over 48 countries and counting since being first identified in non-endemic regions. Currently the spread is believed to be minimal, the WHO, CDC, and other government entities are monitoring the situation closely.

Monkeypox virus is a virus from the orthopox family of viruses, a family most often associated with the more severe smallpox virus (variola), or the origination of vaccinations from the cowpox virus. Originally named for an outbreak among monkeys, it was first identified in humans in central and western Africa around 1970 where it continues to circulate at a low endemic level. While the virus is clinically less severe than smallpox, the symptoms are similar. With vaccinations against smallpox ceasing in 1972 and the eradication of the smallpox virus, vaccinations in the younger population (<50 years of age) is extremely limited.

The escape from the endemic regions has the World Health Organization on alert given the lack of associated travel within the region of those suspected and confirmed cases. Understanding how the virus is being spread, the populations it is spreading to, and the potential immune responses against the virus are of increasing importance in the research field.

Real-Time PCR Kit

Ready-to-use PCR assay for the detection of Monkeypox virus (MPXV) DNA in a liquid sample. It uses a fluorescent probe with specific primer sets to detect the J2R gene specific for the genome of MPXV.

Product performance index

  • Limit of Detection: 4 copies / µL in the reaction
  • Repeatability: Intra-assay %CV is ≤ 1.2%; Inter-assay %CV is ≤ 10%
  • Specificity: No cross-reactivity with Cowpox virus, Camelpox virus, and Vaccinia virus
Monkeypox virus specificity PCR amplification plot

Recombinant Proteins

RayBiotech has developed highly purified recombinant proteins for many unique Monkeypox virus proteins. These are in-stock and avaialble for purchase online in 100 ug or 500 ug sizes.

Protein Specifications

  • Sizes: 100 ug / 500 ug
  • Format: Liquid
  • Expression Systems: E. coli / HEK293
  • Purification: His-tag affinity purification by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC).
  • Purity Determined By: SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions and visualized by Coomassie blue staining