Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Services

Get the most out of your array data

Protein arrays represent a powerful technology which has opened a new arena of functional proteomics. In order to understand how cellular activities are altered in different prophylactic, therapeutic, or disease models, array data must be analyzed in depth and with care in order to best identify novel changes. Biostatistical analysis offers the best capacity for evaluating the quality of protein expression data, identifying and extracting errors, and providing the greatest degree of confidence in the results.

Our in-house team of biostatistics and bioinformatics experts can guide you through this process, and build a tailored computational solution for your antibody and protein array data. The cost of our consultation services will be provided on a per-project basis, with a la carte options, package services, and also hourly rates options.

Biostatistics Flow Chart

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Service Features

RayBio® Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Services Options can include the following:

  • Pre-processing Service for Protein Array Data
  • Discriminatory Protein Marker Analysis Service
  • Data Mining Cluster Analysis and Predictive Modeling Service
  • Protein Pathway Analysis Service (KEGG and Go analysis)
  • Protein-Protein Interaction Networking Analysis Service
  • Assistance in Customized Array Design for Follow-up Analysis

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Free Basic Biostatistics Report Free Basic Biostatistics Report